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Volunteer head coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, and other volunteers are needed. No coaching experience is needed. Please email or call our Flag Football Coordinator Damon at [email protected] (774) 269-9637 with your volunteer request prior to the Combine/Tryouts on April 03, 2021. Team Staff are subject to CORI checks per Massachusetts law. 

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The WTAA offers coed 5-on-5, non-contact flag football teams for the town of Wareham as well as other surrounding communities specifically for families who want the benefits of involving their kids in one of America’s favorite sports without the same risks that can lead to head injuries. The WTAA is proud to be a leader in raising awareness about safety in youth sports. Flag football has become a popular choice for parents across the country, even those that played tackle football themselves, because it offers the benefits of learning the game but with less risk of injury. Players will also be more prepared to progress into tackle football if they so choose.
The WTAA flag football leagues, camps and clinics teach your child the fundamentals of the game through age-appropriate skills and drills. In the game of flag football, teams run or pass the ball down field in order to score a touchdown. The primary difference in flag football is that it is a “no contact” game. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, defensive players attempt to pull the flags off the ball carrier’s belt. The program is designed for your child to build on performance and ability throughout the season without the same risk of injury as tackle football. At all ages, our flag football program is geared toward developing your child’s love for the game, as well as teaching sportsmanship values that extend far beyond the playing field. As your player progresses in their flag football career, they will be better suited and prepared to play at the tackle football level, further reducing the risks of injury due to lack of the development of basic football knowledge and physical skills. 

  • The WTAA offers Coed Flag Football for 4 different age groups. Ages 5-6, ages 7-9, ages 10-13 and ages 14-17. High School Seniors are also allowed to play. We also now offer an ALL GIRLS division as well as an Elite Travel Team Division. We are governed by and adhere to NFL Flag Football Rules.

  • Online Registration begins 2/01/2021 and closes 4/03/2021 ***NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE***. The Early Bird Special discount of $10.00 off per participant ends 3/01/2021
  • Walk-in Registrations Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be hosting any walk-in registration. Registrations must be completed online. Credit, debit, or money orders are accepted. Checks will not be accepted.
Registration Fees are as follows:

Coed Ages 5-17 (18 if a High School Senior): 
  • Regular registration fee: $120.00 for first child within immediate family. Any subsequent sibling: $95.00
  • Early Bird Special (When registered prior to 3/01/2021): $10.00 discount.
  • Payment Plans are available at checkout when you register online. 

***NEW FOR 2021*** All Girls Division Ages 7-17 (includes high school seniors)
  • Regular registration fee: $25.00 for each participant in addition to Coed Division.
  • All girls MUST patriciate in the Coed Division in order to participate in the All Girls Division as well.
  • Participation in the All Girls Division is optional but deeply encouraged!

***NEW FOR 2021*** Elite Travel Division (Separate Tryouts)

  • Regular Registration Fee: $75.00 per participant in addition to Coed Division
  • Participants will travel to local and distant tournaments and represent the WTAA!
  • Not all players will make teams as this is an ELITE Level Division.

Personal Checks are not accepted.

Registration Fees include game jerseys and flag belts.

 Payment plans are available during the checkout portion of your online registration.

Note: In order to be considered "registered" you MUST either pay your registration fees in full either online or at  our walk-in registration date, or be enrolled into one of our payment plans. Those who enroll in a payment plan will be considered registered unless one of your payments does not go through. Please be sure to enter a valid credit/debit card to ensure your participant(s) remain registered.

***NFL Flag Football E-commerce***

These items are available to you during the checkout portion of the registration process online. You may choose to purchase any item even if you do not know which team your athlete will be on. After the Draft and after teams have been made, you will receive the team colors that your athlete was drafted to. So feel free to purchase in advance, we will be sure you athlete gets the correct NFL Club colors.

Mouthguard: $5.00

Stay protected with the Wilson Youth Mouth Guard.
This mouth guard is specially designed to help protect the teeth and jaw from impact.
Colors vary. We suggest getting at least 2 as they tend to be lost or turned into chew toys :)

NFL Flag Performance Socks: $9.95

Paired to match your NFL Team Uniform
Youth Small - Shoe Size 6-11 Youth Med/Lg - Shoe Size 1-7 Adult Sm/Med - Shoe Size 7-12

NFL Flag Performance Sleeves: $13.95

Paired to match your NFL Team Uniform:
Youth SM/Med. - (ages 4-8) Youth L/XL - (ages 9-14). Ages listed are approximate.

NFL Flag Footballs: $19.95

Official NFL Flag Footballs available in Brown Junior Ball:
10 years & older; Blue Pee Wee Ball: Under 10 years old; Mini ball: 4-7 years old (not pictured).

Required Documentation:
  • Competed online registration
  • A copy of your participant(s) birth certificate.
  • A copy of your participant(s) most recent health physical (not required but recommended)
Required Equipment:
  • Face covering. Can be a mask or neck gator.
  • Individual hand sanitizer.
  • Cleats without metal spikes. Can be soccer, football, or baseball.
  • Mouth Guard without tether. We recommend purchasing at least two as they often go missing or turned into chew toys. 
  • Official WTAA Flag Football shorts. MANDATORY FOR GAME DAYS! They can be purchased at Shirt Shack for $15.00. Compression pants worn underneath shorts are permitted.
    •  If you purchase practice shorts or joggers, be sure that they do not have pockets.
  • All of the above equipment is required. Players will not be permitted to participate in games if they are not wearing the proper equipment.


  • Tryouts (combine) will take place  on APRIL 03, 2021 at Decas Elementry School Fields at 760 Main St. Wareham, MA. Please be sure to save the date.
  • Time slots are as follows:
    • Ages 5-6: 10:30 AM
      Ages 7-9: 12:15 PM
      Ages 10-13: 1:45 PM
      Ages 14-High School Seniors: 3:30 PM
      • PLAYERS MUST SHOW UP ON TIME. Players may only attend during their respective time slots. Please do not attempt to have your player attend at a different time slot for other than their age group.
      • Your participant(s) will be evaluated using a NFL style combine to assess physical skills and ability. Participants will be ranked by WTAA volunteers and will be placed on a team based on their skill. We do this to ensure that teams are balanced. After tryouts, we will be holding a Draft (see details below). All players will be placed on a team regardless of skill level. No participant will be cut or denied placement on a team. Athletic wear, sneakers and MASK are required cleats are highly recommended.

      If your participant(s) misses tryouts, then you must contact our Flag Coordinator Damon Solomon via email at [email protected]. Your participant's name will be placed in a "Hat-Pick" and coaches will draw their name at random. Parents MUST make efforts to have their participant(s) at the Tryouts. This is how we ensure that teams will be balanced and fair. Rosters will be finalized by April 10, 2021.

      WTAA Spring Flag 2021 Draft:

      • There will be an in-person Player Draft for coaches only held on April 06, 2021 at Stone Path Malt 11 Kendrick Rd. Wareham MA at 6:00 PM. This is only for coaches to attend and draft their teams based on their performance scores during the Combine. We will be hosting this draft live online for parents and players to watch.

      Coed and All Girls Season Schedule:

      • Regular Season Games (All ages):

        There are 8 regular season weekly games starting the week of April 25, 2021. Games will be scheduled to start on Sunday mornings. There may be some Saturdays and weekdays depending on field conditions and weather. There will be no games on Memorial Day or 4th of July weekends.

      • Playoff Games (All ages):

        There will be playoff games scheduled starting the week of June 20, 2021. Times and location are TBD.

      • Super Bowl (All ages):

        The Superbowl Championship is scheduled for July 10-11, 2021. Times and location are TBD.

      • Practices (All ages):

        Practices may begin (depending on head coach's decision) on April 13, 2021. Once your player has been placed on a team, you will be notified via email.

      • You will also be required to download the Game Changer Team App located (HERE). Select "Sign-up with email" and use the same email that you have with us on your account. After your participant(s) is assigned a team, you will see their respective in the app. If you are having issues then message our webmaster at [email protected]



      • ***NEW FOR 2021*** All Girls Flag Football Division ages 7-17 as of 4/01/2021 (includes high school seniors)

        The WTAA will be offering an all girls division for the Spring 2021 season. Games will be played on Sundays along with Coed Division games. The WTAA  strongly encourages our community youth girls to participate in our Flag Football program. We had a great all girls all star game against Carver's all star girls spring or 2019. It was such a success that we decided to offer a whole all girls division! Participation in this division is optional but deeply encouraged. Registration fee for this division is $25.00 for the whole spring 2021 season!

      • Coed Flag Football ages 5-6 as of 4/01/2021:
         If your little one loves the idea of football but you’re concerned about safety, we have the answer! The WTAA youth flag football program provides all the fun and excitement of tackle football without the same risk of injury. Our ages 5-6 curriculum for this age group aims to improve balance, eye-hand coordination and motor skill development. Your child will learn the basics of the game, awareness of offensive and defensive field direction, and skills such as running with the ball, passing and catching. The playbook for this age group is kept simple to enable players to grow more comfortable and self-confident in the sport. We rotate players through various positions so everyone learns the importance of playing as a team member. Based on skill level at this age, game play typically involves more running plays, but as the season progresses, more passing may be integrated. To ensure the levels of learning and fun are kept at their highest for our little athletes, rules are enforced with an emphasis on teachable moments, scores are not kept. At this stage, the most important outcomes are to develop a love of the game, increased self-confidence and to have fun! NEW FOR 2021: We will be offering an open-seeded playoff and Super Bowl for our 5-6 division!

      • Coed Flag Football Ages 7-9 as of 4/01/2021:
        As kids get older, they like the challenge of new things, but as a parent you want them to be safe. Our non-contact flag football program is the ideal way to let your child play football safely. For any skill level, WTAA flag football curriculum will teach your child the fundamentals of the game and build upon their developing physical and mental capabilities. Instruction and drills are specially designed for this age group to improve spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination and greater accuracy in throwing and catching the ball. Special emphasis is placed on teamwork and good sportsmanship as players of this age begin to understand the impact they have in relation to others. Scores are kept and rules are enforced in a fun, positive environment with a continued emphasis on teachable moments. 

      • Coed Flag Football Ages 10-13 and Ages 14-17 as of 4/01/2021 (includes high school seniors):
        Because players at this age are bigger and physically more capable, the level of play is elevated and games move at greater speed. Instruction within the WTAA curriculum recognizes the capabilities of this age group and balances reinforcement of game fundamentals with age appropriate skill development and emphasis on good sportsmanship. Running and passing plays are more sophisticated and the importance of offensive and defensive game strategy are taught. Our “everyone plays” philosophy ensures all players have the opportunity to develop their skills. Expect to see marked improvement in self-confidence and teamwork at this stage. Scores are kept and rules are enforced by trained officials. As players begin to experiment and grow more creative with their improved skills, the games naturally become more competitive, but always in a fun, age-appropriate way!

      • Elite Travel Division ( Ages 9U, 12U 14U 17U)

        This division is open to athletes that are hand picked by WTAA coaches. Athletes will participate in tournaments throughout New England against other Elite Teams.  These teams will compete for a chance to play at the NFL Pro Bowl! Team coaches will have separate tryouts and select the players for their respective teams. Not all athletes that tryout will be selected. To register for the free tryout, login to your WTAA account on this website and signup for the Elite Travel Division.

      Volunteer head coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, and other volunteers are needed. No coaching experience is needed. Please email us with your volunteer request prior to the coaches meeting on March 23, 2021. Team Staff are subject to CORI checks per Massachusetts law. 

      If you have any other questions feel free to email us at [email protected] Thank you and welcome to the WTAA!

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