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Coed Flag Football Fall 2022

If your little one loves the idea of football but you’re concerned about safety, we have the answer! The WTAA youth flag football program provides all the fun and excitement of tackle football without the same risk of injury. Our ages 5-6 curriculum for this age group aims to improve balance, eye-hand coordination and motor skill development. Your child will learn the basics of the game, awareness of offensive and defensive field direction, and skills such as running with the ball, passing and catching. The playbook for this age group is kept simple to enable players to grow more comfortable and self-confident in the sport. We rotate players through various positions so everyone learns the importance of playing as a team member. Based on skill level at this age, game play typically involves more running plays, but as the season progresses, more passing may be integrated. To ensure the levels of learning and fun are kept at their highest for our little athletes, rules are enforced with an emphasis on teachable moments, scores are not kept. At this stage, the most important outcomes are to develop a love of the game, increased self-confidence and to have fun!

Wareham Tigers Athletic Association Fall Flag Football is a non-contact, coed, 5-on-5 flag football program for boys and girls ages 5-6 years old (as of 1/01/2022). Younger ages permitted on a case-by-case basis. We are a part of  NFL FLAG FOOTBALL.  NFL FLAG is the country’s leading flag football program, with unmatched standards of safety, education and support.

We believe football imparts great lessons and provides kids with skills that serve them well throughout their lives. We encourage young athletes to play flag football at an early age to better learn the wonderful game of football.  Starting flag football at ages 5-6  helps teach the fundamental aspects of football, allowing them to progress into tackle football with a working  knowledge of the game. Most importantly, playing flag football is fun for both boys and girls.

  • Required Documentation:
    • A copy of your participant(s) birth certificate.
    • Completed online registration.
    • A copy of your participant(s) most recent health physical (not required but recommended)
  •  Required Equipment:
      • The WTAA will be providing certified protective helmets for ages 5-9. Helmets for these ages ARE MANDATORY. 



      • We have added a "NON-Volunteer Fee" for parents that wish to not have to volunteer for the 2022 season. Parents that pay this optional fee will not be subject to WTAA minimum parent volunteer requirement. The fee is $100.00 and can be paid during the check out process when you register. If you do not pay this fee, and you do not volunteer at an event, then you will be subject to this fee being applied to your account at the end of the season. This fee MUST be then paid before you will be permitted to participate in any future WTAA program.
      • There will be a signup link posted for parents to login to and signup for a position(s). Once you signup for your position, AND you show up and actively participate in this position, you will have credit towards your minimum volunteer requirement.
      • Each WTAA parents/guardians with a registered participant(s) are required to volunteer at at least (2) slots/positions that are posted on the signup link. Failure to attend the minimum requirements will result in the $100 fee being applied to their account at the end of the season. This fee MUST be then paid before you will be permitted to participate in any future WTAA program.
      • ***NOTE: If you have multiple athletes in multiple programs in the fall season, you are only responsible for to fulfill the volunteer requirement as a family. This means you will only have to fulfill the minimum requirement for one of your multiple programs for fall sports. 
      • Athletes will be issued official WTAA Flag Football shorts. Parents will no longer have to go to Shirt Shack to purchase shorts. The cost of these shorts are now included in your registration fees.
    1. We will provide the official NFL Flag equipment that consist of reversible jerseys, official flag belts, and official flag footballs. 
    2. Cleats without metal spikes. Can be soccer, football, or baseball.
    3. Mouth Guard without tether. We recommend purchasing at least 2 as they often go missing or turned into chew toys. 

    All of the above equipment INCLUDING the helmet is required. Players will not be permitted to participate in games if they are not wearing the proper equipment.


    • Registration Fees:
      • Ages 5-6 $130.00
      •  Multi-sibling discount is $25.00 off.
      • Credit/Debit cards and cash accepted. Personal checks are not accepted.

       Practices will be 1-2 times per week with start and end times between 5:30 - 7:30 p.m and are scheduled to begin the week of August 17, 2021. Head coaches will contact parents with specific days and times for practices. 

       Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays and tentatively scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 17, 2022. We will also have games on the Sundays that we host home games for our Tackle Football Program. Schedule will be released as we near the start of the season.

       Please also download our Team Manager App HERE. Login the App using the same email that you used to register your participant. This app will be the main means of conveying information to parents during the season. Game and practice schedules along with team chats will all be made through the app.

To register your participant(s) now Click the Register Here! button below.

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